Our Services

There is always a daily special, running from red beans and rice with fried chicken to pork chops with jambalaya, and they are good bargains. Other things to try are the Cuban sandwich, a Meme’s mainstay served here with plenty of butter slathered on the soft-crusted French bread, and the muffuletta, made ahead of time with thick layers of Chisesi Bros.-brand meats and an olive salad that is mostly chopped olives and oil. A whole muffuletta is $10 and can easily feed two.

A hot meal is the main draw to Chicken Sue’s, of course, but some of the ancillary services the little restaurant offers can be read as signs of the times in the self-directed recovery of Lakeview. For instance, Tiblier decided to start selling postage stamps after she needed to mail a letter and found herself driving out to Metairie for the once-simple errand. Chicken Sue’s also has a little side business in copying and faxing services. At lunch, contractors queue up with insurance documents and other such paperwork as they wait for their four-piece order of mixed chicken to come out of the kitchen. Tiblier even provides a few telephones at the tables as a lunchtime convenience for customers who do not yet have landlines at home..